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Joubert Tulleken

Founder of Endless Africa & Lead Tour Guide

A qualified and registered CATHSSETA Overlanding and 4×4 Adventure Tour Guide and a seasoned Wilderness First Responder, Juba is not your ordinary guide. With a professional background as a Civil Engineer, he courageously left the corporate world to chase his true passion – overlanding. In fact, he embraced the overlanding lifestyle to its fullest, living in his trusty Land Rover for an incredible seven months in 2019 traveling from Cape Town to Malawi and back. His captivating overland expeditions are beautifully documented in the “Juba’s Journey” YouTube series. It was after this incredible expedition that Endless Africa was founded in 2020.

Juba’s resume of leading successful overland trips to destinations like the Wild Coast, Cederberg, South & North Luangwa in Zambia, Mabuasehube and the Kgalagadi tells a story of unparalleled adventure and wanderlust

Juba has a calm and relaxed attitude and his passion for nature and the outdoors is evident whenever he is on tour. His background in engineering has taught him to be a problem solver and cautious thinker which makes him a very reliable tour leader.  He deeply values the concept of freedom and has an appetite for adventure.  He has a special interest in photography and videography and will endure any freezing cold night to get the perfect winter milky way time lapse.  Don’t let the long hair and big beard intimidate you, he is a down-to-earth guy who braais a mean steak and you can be assured he will always include an element of fun on his tours.

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Joubert Tulleken Profile

Quintin Rutherford

Lead Tour Guide

Quintin is a certified FGASA field and trails guide with 8 years experience, who launched his career at Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve where he spent 4 years working alongside industry experts who consistently inspired him to evolve and enhance his skills. He also worked as field guide at Tswalu Game Reserve and during this time, he delved deep into the inner workings of the unique Kalahari ecosystem, gathering a wealth of knowledge about the extraordinary Kalahari landscape.

Quintin developed an unwavering passion for exploring the African continent from a young age. Experiencing life in the remote wilderness of Botswana as his family moved frequently ignited his deep desire to continue his adventures across Africa. His journey was deeply influenced by his grandfather, a passionate naturalist, who guided him toward a career dedicated to the African bush. 

As a child, Quintin’s holidays were filled with exploration, as he ventured into the beautiful landscapes of the Drakensberg. However, amidst the natural beauty, he also bore witness to a disheartening sight – the encroachment of pollution upon once-pristine coastlines and the gradual disappearance of Sand Forests during his time living in Durban. This transformation ignited his mission to share the importance of preserving these precious landscapes and remains the driving force in his life’s work today.

He is a passionate birder and a tactical chess player, Quintin brings a wealth of strategic thinking and a deep appreciation for nature to any adventure. With a warm and approachable demeanor, he effortlessly connect with others, making him an ideal companion for outdoor adventures.


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