We do Guided overland tours Differently

Welcome to Endless Africa, we offer carefully designed, small group guided overland tours to unique, remote and rustic locations across Southern Africa.

Embark on a stress-free journey behind the wheel of your own vehicle, to break away from civilization, recharge and connect with like-minded individuals.

Our self-drive overlanding tours promise adventure full of rich culture, beautiful landscapes and peaceful moments to connect with nature. 


Find that far-off feeling closer to home with one of Endless Africa’s guided overland tours.

South Africa

South Africa & Botswana


Why travel with us?

A tour guide can make or break a travel experience. Our incredible guides are the first and biggest reason for traveling with us. 

You’re experience are in the hands of  personable, friendly, qualified and knowledgeable guides, who will make sure every aspect of your trip is safe, enjoyable, and full of lasting memories.

Your assurance that your tour guides are registered with either CASSETHA or FGASA and comply with the Tourism Act is a significant commitment to professionalism and adherence to industry standards.


Meet our Guides

Travel confidently with us. From a comprehensive supply of spare parts ensuring seamless journeys, to a satellite phone ready for emergencies, your safety and convenience are our top priorities.

We guarantee more focused attention as group sizes average 5 vehicles and generally don’t exceed 12 adults. Setting ourselves apart, we take pride in being among the very few—if not the sole—overlanding companies providing such an exceptional low guest-to-guide ratio. Our small group setting ensures a richer and more engaging journey for every adventurer.

Our tours are designed to provide a balance between group activities, fostering connections with like-minded travelers, and allowing ample free time for individual exploration.

Need more convincing, check out our client reviews on Google and Facebook.

2024 TOURS

Ready to hit the road and experience an authentic guided overland tour?


Riaan Smook
Riaan Smook
Had the privilege to join Juba and his team on a pet friendly tour in the Cederberg. It was an awesome experience. Very professional, yet they interact with the guests like we're long time friends. Very considered of the pets and went out of their way to assist where needed. We've already booked our next tour with them. Thank you Juba and Jacky!
Johan McDuling
Johan McDuling
Dog friendly overlander November 2023. Trip of a lifetime. You cannot ask for better. Everything is well worked out and a group of strangers becomes family within a day or two.
Alyssa Patuel
Alyssa Patuel
This was our first ‘self drive tour’ and didn’t quite know what to expect. We had the most epic experience! Being new to overlanding it was fantastic being in a group setting, we woke up to a puncture which Juba helped us fix. The whole group the. helped out when our car gave out on route in 40 degree heat (thanks guys!). From the, animal sightings, to the people, we loved it all and were so impressed by the tour Juba and Quinn put together!
Ronel Du Plooy
Ronel Du Plooy
Thank you Juba and Quin! Everyday was a treat, you do everything with a spirit of excellence.. till next time. I can certainly recommend the Untamed Mabuasehube tour.
Shazia Essa
Shazia Essa
Thank you Endless Africa for an unrivalled experience of a lifetime. Unfiltered nature, authentic connections around the camp fire and the most surreal interaction with wild life. This has been a trip to remember and memories that will last forever ♥️
Liela Zeineddine
Liela Zeineddine
5 stars doesn’t begin to rate the experience we had. From the very moment we decided to go with Endless Africa, all the way to the last good bye, every single moment was perfectly organised, well communicated, greatly executed and because they are Endless Africa, it was all done with positivity, can do attitude and love for the land and their company. Will 100% book another tour! Juba and Jacky, well done and keep going🌻
Alastair Moodie
Alastair Moodie
Just returned home from a wonderful camping trip with Juba and Shane of Endless Africa to Mabua Kgalagadi. It was an incredible and memorable experience. They are stars.
Sheryl Steyn
Sheryl Steyn
All Endless Africa’s trips are easy-going, well-led and unforgettable. And there’s always that something extra, where you get to spend time with the locals, or visit special places that no-one else would think to take you. Andre and Sheryl steyn
Kate Hurst
Kate Hurst
A wonderful group to travel with. Great fun and Juba can fix ANYTHING 😀 👍.
Sandra Willms
Sandra Willms
We were blessed to spend 12 days with Juba and Quinn. We had our reservations in the beginning but what an amazing time we had. We couldn't have asked for better. Juba and Quinn are such gentle souls who guided us through the tour with a calm and confident way. Their ability to being 'still' in a place that surrounds you with warmth and energy from above, rubbed off on us very quickly but it also prepared us well to return to the REAL world. Being out there with them every ready all the time to assist and be where you may need them, was a comfort and blessing. Some constructive criticism: You both are so knowledgeable and experienced but you seldom volunteered your knowledge and experiences. I felt as if I missed out on more information than only what i asked for. Would have been great even whilst driving ion convoy to tell us a bit more of where we were. Thank you, once again, for an unforgettable experience. Hoping to tour with you again. Sandra and Rika


Frequently Asked Questions

Overlanding is vehicle-based, on-road and off-road, self-reliant adventure travel to remote destinations where the journey is the primary goal.

All tours are guided self-drive, so you need your own vehicle and be completely self-sufficient. Bring your own camping gear, water and food (for meals not provided) for the duration of the trip. All tours are lead by a qualified overlanding guide and depart on fixed dates throughout the year. Endless Africa will arrange all accommodation, activities and permits. 

No, not all tours require 4×4 however some tours do. Get in touch or see trip details for more information.

Yes, get in contact with us for your 4×4 vehicle needs.

No, all tours are designed to cater for beginners and regular overlanders. Come and let us guide you to your first overland tour.

We focus on small group travel thus group sizes generally do not exceed 12 adults.

All guests are responsible for their own vehicle and travel insurances. In the event of a vehicle breakdown the tour group will do everything within its means to identify, fix and repair the problem, however if an on-site repair is not possible the guest will have to make alternative arrangements.

Yes, this is a group tour therefore we stay in convoy when travelling between locations. Self-drive is possible in some locations, for example where game viewing is offered.

All tours are overlanding camping trips. The campsites on Endless Africa tours are rustic with basic or no facilities.  Guests need to bring their own camping gear and tents.

You can view our complete cancellation and refund policy here.